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A boutique store named ADYA-Simply Original is to showcase & offer to sell products which are of immense utility in our daily life. Niche products, which have won awards & recognitions because of their design, utility or material, shall be sourced from all over India and the world. Products which Optimize Space & Simplify living will be the mainstay of the store. ADYA shall offer great innovations which are successfully in use in their respective countries of origin & other developed markets. Some of the products are very popular yet local to the country and manufactured by a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) of that country. Thus, identifying & bringing them to the Indian masses will be the focus for ADYA. Our endeavour is to bring these products to the ever-growing discerning, yearning and demanding population of India and to enable them to use and enjoy what inhabitants of developed economies are using in their daily life. It is also our effort to offer the product at a reasonable price to the consumers by reducing the number of intermediaries in the supply chain. We shall hire, train & deploy young men & women who have minimum basic qualification as promoters (product promoters) to showcase & explain products. ADYA is an equal opportunity employer, which shall offer employment to socially marginalized/underprivileged and each store shall provide livelihood support to at least 4 households (16 members) per month directly and to many artisan families around India. ADYA strives to support the initiative of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi of empowering & promoting women entrepreneurs & creating employment opportunities through local initiatives. ADYA deals in Premium Lunch Boxes | Ice Ball Maker | Tissue Roll Holder | Shoe Holder | Pasta Cooker | Vegetable Steamer | Ceiling Mounted Clothes Dryer | Boot Stand | Portable Wine Rack | Portable Door Hooks | Rice Stocker | Rice Dispenser | Stackable Laundry Basket | Magnetic Racks | Supplier Dealer and Distributor| Deals in areas like Delhi | Jaipur | Chandigarh | Bangalore | Mumbai | Lucknow | Gurgaon | Ahmedabad | Noida | Chennai and Kolkata GSTIN NO :- 07APQPM5421E1ZV


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Vietnamese Service Trays (Set of 3 trays) - Brown Pearl INR  1979 INR  180
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-90.9 %
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Vietnamese Service Trays (Set of 3 trays) -White Pearl INR  1979 INR  1799
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-9.1 %
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Lacquer Wall Painting from Vietnam INR  1679 INR  1599
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-4.76 %
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Vietnamese Lacquered Wooden Wall Painting (Rectangular) INR  1678 INR  1499
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-10.67 %
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Vietnamese Hand Painted Wall Hanging (Round) INR  1458 INR  1399
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-4.05 %
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Vietnamese Cutlery / Storage Box INR  749 INR  699
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-6.68 %
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Vietnamese Cutlery / Storage Box - Fly INR  749 INR  599
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-20.03 %
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Vietnamese Cutlery Box (Rectangular) INR  749 INR  700
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-6.54 %
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Vietnamese Serving Spoons of Seashell. INR  1449 INR  1299
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-10.35 %
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Flat Spoon / Flat Ladle for Pizza from Vietnam INR  1296 INR  1199
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-7.48 %
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