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Bricks in Combo Packs. Interlocking & Sliding Bricks by Like-it of Japan. Buy 2 get 1 free offer is valid until 15th June 2018 "Lock & Lock Stacking System case" is made in Vietnam, Like-it Stackable Bricks are made in Japan. "Bricks" - it means rectangular, washable open containers (in different sizes) which look like a BRICK but made of polystyrene by Like-it of Japan. These Bricks or Bins can be used for storing Toiletries like Liquid Shower Gel, Shampoos, Conditioners, Face washes, Hand wash bottles etc. "Stackable" - it means that these bricks can be placed one over other in a neat & easy way and can easily slide sideways or forward-backward for clear access to contents. To order , call us on +91 8030424929 ; +91 9315656020 (Mon to Fri) or buy now at :
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