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Electric Clothes Drying Rack with wireless remote control operation similar to Faraday machine sold by us earlier. Model HLCRPP1S, INR 23790 Winter Blues. Moist Clothes. Smelly Clothes. Blocked Balcony Rack. Rest Easy, a wonderful solution is here for you now. Ceiling Mounted Electric Clothes Drying Rack - SMART IDEA for SMART HOMES .12W LED LIGHT light replaces your balcony light. 02 UV lamps (3wx2) to DISINFECT the clothes during cold & damp climate conditions. thus safeguarding the health of your family. 02 BLOWER FANS dry out excess moisture in the clothes. Load up to 35 kg, making it ideal for a large family's laundry. 04 extendable rods to DRY your Large bed sheets and SAREES. Buy now at Winter special price Please call us for a bulk deal on 9560749123......
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