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KosmoCare Imported Compact Electric Clothes Drying Rack with Remote Control Operation with 15 Alloy Hangers -Pan Pan Series (Silver) Special Offer Valid Till 31st April 2019 MRP:- 24650/- Ceiling Mounted Electric Clothes Drying Rack with Wireless remote control operations. SMART IDEA for SMART HOMES + 12W LED LIGHT light replaces your balcony light + 02 UV lamps (3wx2) to DISINFECT the clothes during monsoon, cold & damp climate conditions thus safeguarding the health of your family + 02 BLOWER FANS to dry out the excess moisture in the clothes. The Machine can withstand load up to 35 kg, making it ideal for a large family's laundry. 04 extendable rods to DRY your Large bed sheets and SAREES. Please call us for a bulk deal on 9560749123......
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