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Unicom Stackable Drawer, 255 mm, Large from Like-it of Japan(Model UC-05) Buy 1 Get 1 Free on MRP 4399/- Christmas Bonanza.... Connectable & stackable with other Unicom drawers (UC 06, UC 04, UC 03 etc.) by removing the lid, the independent structure provides secure stacking. The inner locking system avoids the fall of the drawer when it is pulled out. Install wheels (casters) and make your own original chest, Casters allow it to be moved with ease. No smell, no pest, no rust, washable drawers. Put our Like-it to work anywhere you find a little spare room. It can store anything from canned and boxed food to toiletries and cosmetics to cleaning supplies and laundry essentials. Please call us for a bulk deal on 9560749123......
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