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Model CS-D1, Clear Stackable Drawer by Like-it of Japan High-quality stackable drawers to create extra storage space within your Modular Wardrobe, Steel Almirah, Wooden Closet. These Drawers Simplify Living by Optimizing Available Space. All the sizes are stackable, allowing you to create a totally customized solution. Add casters (sold separately) for mobile storage. Use our inner separators/ partition cases to neatly keep your lingerie, socks etc. Material: main body& drawer - polypropylene ; frame- polystyrene. No rust, no deemak :-) Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer on MRP of INR 2999 is valid until 15th June 2018 or until stocks last. To order, call us on +91 8030424929; +91 9315656020 (Mon to Fri, 1000 to 1800). or buy online:
Casters Wheels for your Drawers. They make your life much simpler. Storage Drawers on Wheels Size: W38 X D60 X H76 mm/ W1.50 X D2.36 X H2.99 inch Weight: 105g; Material: main body / polypropylene
Rectangular Stackable Laundry Baskets from Like-it of Japan. Rectangular Laundry Baskets with stacking function. Laundry Basket with Wheels. Yes, easy to install clear casters (wheels ) at the base help to move your laundry baskets around.
These -Made in Japan- module system drawers help you make your own wardrobe. These UC series organizers can be combined in various ways to suit your available space and convenience. Connectable & stackable with other Unicom drawers by removing the lid, the independent structure provides secure stacking. The inner locking system avoids the fall of the drawer when it is pulled out. Install wheels (casters) and make your own original chest, Casters allow it to be moved with ease. We help "Optimize Space & Simplify Living".
Scandinavian style colorful laundry baskets from Japan. Add color to your homes. Optimize space, Simplify Living.
Stackable Multipurpose Rectangular Large Basket with wheels (Casters are sold separately) by Like-it of Japan. The model number is "UC 20". Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on MRP is valid until 15th June 2018. Use it for storing Toys, Books, Linen, Laundry or carry it as a Picnic basket in the boot of your SUV. You may use it for storing Toolkit, parts & accessories in your garage too. They are also useful for trial rooms of garment stores. Call us on +91 8030424929 / +91 9315656020 (Mon to Fri, 1000 to 1800 ) to order or click to buy now
Model-UC-20 from Like-it of Japan. Stackable Clothes Basket- Toys Basket - Stackable Laundry Basket. Movable Multipurpose Laundry Basket. Laundry Basket with Wheels. Install the wheels ( casters) to the baskets and move them around freely. (Casters are sold separately)
Amazing Colour. On-the-go container with a foldable spoon Body is lined with Stainless Steel to retain temperature for a long duration. Additional small compartment for dressings/shredded toppings / garnishing.
.Mini Soup Jar, Mini Soup Flask Mini meal container with a spoon. Insulated Soup bowl with a spoon. Additional small compartment for dressings/shredded toppings/garnishing. Oat Meal container. Imported Travel Mug. Premium & honest quality from Japan. Buy Now.