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Portable Drawers, Washable Drawers, Stackable Drawers, Multipurpose High-Quality Polypropylene Drawers, Multiple Size Drawers, Drawers for Serviced Apartments, Portable Storage Furniture for Studio Apartments, Drawers for PG Rooms, Closet Drawers "Optimize Space, Simplify Living", use drawer partitions model CSp10, CSp-1122
Smart Kitchen Accessories for Smart Bhartiya Naari. No corrosion, odor free storage, no color staining by ingredients. Compact Size for small families, studio apartment, serviced apartment rooms. Check the complete range of "Asvel" online.
Create more space within your Wedding Almirah or in Modular Wardrobe inside your newly acquired apartment by using Premium Stackable Drawers available in multiple sizes and designs. Multipurpose High-Quality Polypropylene Drawers can help create your own Wardrobe. ina Serviced Apartment. "Optimize Space, Simplify Living", use drawer partitions model CS-P10, CS-P11, CS-P22.
Premium Stackable Drawers for Serviced Apartments. Paying Guest Accommodation. Washable, Portable Drawers for studio Apartments. Ideal for Transferrable jobs, BPO Employees .
Premium Kitchen Accessory Supplier in India. Smart Kitchen Tools for serviced apartments, Studio apartments by OGN Global Trading Private Limited. Nakayama san uses it, Miki san uses it, Mineko san uses it, Sawa san uses it, Yoshie san uses it....Why not you ?
Stackable Storage Drawers for your wardrobe. Amazing Closet Drawers to optimize the storage space inside your Almirah, Kids Room and Study
Air tight container with double insulation on the cap to prevent moisture. Durable plastic casing for protection & Durability. Perfect Gift for House Warming. Glass body - no corrosion, odor free storage, no staining by the colour of ingredients. Honest, genuine quality from ASVEL of Japan. Ideal size for small family. Ideal size for studio apartment shelves. Ideal size for Modular Kitchen shelves.
Two UV lamps disinfect the moist clothes & safeguard the health of your family. The LED lamp in the middle of the Dryer replaces your existing light and lightens up the balcony with 17W power. It is a must for all modern apartments & high rises.
Magnetic stickers with a difference. Magnetic Mini Storage shelf. The product is innovative and very useful for compact apartments. They simply create more usable space for you. Adya -simply original - the boutique store for Japnese goods in India. Imported Goods Wholesale & Retail. Adya - the store, simplifies living.