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Beautiful Shoe holders to optimize your shoe rack space. Available at Amarsons, Breach Candy, Mumbai, Homesaaz, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
•Anti-bacterial plastic •A measured quantity of approximately 150 gm is dispensed always. No wastage, no extra cooking. •Honest, genuine quality from Asvel of Japan •Airtight, No smell, non-spill storage of Rice/cereals.
Seasoning, Flavoring, Bottle sets from Asvel of Japan. Available at the 'Adya-simply original' online store . Call us for great bargains for your home or resaturant kitchen.
Never before, magnetic storage racks, so handy, useful and affordable were available in India. A great resource for storing your daily needs. Ideal for Modern Naaris' smart home. Stick them on to your Refrigerator or Washing machine and keep relevant products on them.
Magnetic Storage Racks. New Concept, now available in India. Very useful & affordable. A great resource for keeping your frequently required products & accessories handy. Ideal for Smart offices & Modern Naaris' smart home too. Stick them on to your Steel Book Shelf, Steel Storage Almirah or Washing machine and keep relevant products on them.
Create more space within your Wedding Almirah or in Modular Wardrobe inside your newly acquired apartment by using Premium Stackable Drawers available in multiple sizes and designs. Multipurpose High-Quality Polypropylene Drawers can help create your own Wardrobe. ina Serviced Apartment. "Optimize Space, Simplify Living", use drawer partitions model CS-P10, CS-P11, CS-P22.
Amazing Quality & Design of Waste Paper Bin, Flower Planter, Magazine Holder. Premium Serviced Apartments, Premium Furnished Studio. A great accessory for smart home. Japanese Products of Superior quality available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, at Home Stop/ Shoppers stop
Amplify the audio output of your iPhone 6 and protect it too. Sound Jackets for iPhone 6. iPhone 6 protective cover of silicone. Smooth & gentle grip. Sound amplifier feature. Available in Blue & Black color. Product Code: SD-204047. Buy 2 and get 1 free.
These -Made in Japan- module system drawers help you make your own wardrobe. These UC series organizers can be combined in various ways to suit your available space and convenience. Connectable & stackable with other Unicom drawers by removing the lid, the independent structure provides secure stacking. The inner locking system avoids the fall of the drawer when it is pulled out. Install wheels (casters) and make your own original chest, Casters allow it to be moved with ease. We help "Optimize Space & Simplify Living".