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Bricks - it means rectangular, washable open containers (in different sizes) which look like a BRICK but made of polystyrene by Like-it of Japan. These Bricks or Bins can be used for storing salt, pepper, oregano, basil, olive oil, soya sauce and other frequently used garnishing or sauces on the dining table. Stackable - it means that these bricks can be placed one over other in a neat & easy way and can easily slide sideways or forward-backward for clear access to contents.
This airtight "antibacterial" container is a great resource to store your cereals, rice, pulses, Coffee jars, sauces, juices etc nicely and safely. The product is stackable and is made of high-quality polypropylene. Japanese quality, superior craftsmanship. We help Organize Space & Simplify Living.
Magnetic Storage Rack to Store your relevant & frequently used products on Fridge, Steel Almirah, Washing Machine and other magnetic surfaces. Oil bottles, Sauce Bottle, Shrinkwrap roll, detergent powder box, etc, on these unique products from Like-it of Japan.
Easy to operate Tube squeezer for your Moisturising Creams, Hand Creams, Dental Creams. Also for the sauces & dressings sold in flex tube dispensers.
Bricks - meaning rectangular, washable containers (in different sizes) made of polystyrene by Like-it of Japan, for storing daily use item like Jams, Sauces, Salt & pepper, Pickles, Vinegar, soya sauce etc on the dining table. Stackable - meaning that these bricks can be placed one over other in a neat & easy way and can easily slide to put in and take out.
Seasoning, Flavoring, Bottle sets from Asvel of Japan. Available at the 'Adya-simply original' online store . Call us for great bargains for your home or resaturant kitchen.
Kitchen ideas from 'Adya-simply original' store. Suppliers to Gourmet Chef' kitchen. Combine them with other kitchen accessories and deck up your smart kitchen.
Ab Andaaz nahin, style chalega... Premium Imported Kitchen Utility Products by ADYA.
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