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'daily tiresome chores'
North European style knitted round basket for laundry. Vibrant colors convert your daily tiresome chores into happy moments. Strong structure, made of soft polyethylene. Perfect for college students and working single individuals.
Sewing Tools Box, Painting Tools Organizer, Manicure & Pedicure Tools Box...blah blah blah... Do anything with them. Bricks from 'Like-it' make your life organized and help you work better. Use Like-it Combo sets to organize your life & make your daily chores a fun thing.
Manage your Storage shelf space, your Kitchen Space, your Dining Tablespace with elan. Use transparent, washable high-quality polystyrene storage bins, storage compartments to store your daily essentials. They stack easily over each other too
Multipurpose Insulated Soup Jar, Mini Meal Jar from Asvel of Japan. Adya - simply original is Imported Homeware Retailer in India. Premium Kitchen & Daily use product retailer in Delhi.
Simple, yet stylish storage bins for daily use items. Made in Japan by 'Like-it' our Arts & Crafts Organizer is a creative way to organize everything from paints and brushes to beads and glitter. Transparent dividers keep similar items together – they are easy to reposition to suit your changing needs. Its’ modular feature means the components can stack and slide for easy access to the contents; High-Quality polystyrene construction makes it easy to clean and remain rust and stain free… Buy them now or call us for more bargain deals.
Never before, magnetic storage racks, so handy, useful and affordable were available in India. A great resource for storing your daily needs. Ideal for Modern Naaris' smart home. Stick them on to your Refrigerator or Washing machine and keep relevant products on them.
Model SCB-11, Scandinavian Style Stacking Laundry Basket Medium Size, by Like-it by Japan. Special price till last stocks last ; 20% off on MRP 1949 The basket can be put to multiple uses - living room, kid’s room, garage etc. These items bring you the most optimum & practical organizing solutions for your daily lives. Optimize Space & Simplify Living.
Bricks - meaning rectangular, washable containers (in different sizes) made of polystyrene by Like-it of Japan, for storing daily use item like Jams, Sauces, Salt & pepper, Pickles, Vinegar, soya sauce etc on the dining table. Stackable - meaning that these bricks can be placed one over other in a neat & easy way and can easily slide to put in and take out.
Model 9115, Storage Organizer Bricks/Bin by Like-it of Japan INR 1549. Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Till Stocks Last. Stackable storage organizer bin/brick of premium quality - Use it to organize your Office or Study space, Kitchen, Dining, Vanity, Washroom, Laundry, Living room, Study, Office, Kid’s room, Bathroom etc. Made in Japan by “Like-it”, this is simple, yet stylish storage bin (brick shaped) for daily use items. These high-quality polystyrene bins from Like-it stack one over another to create a flexible organizer for storing paints, brushes, drawing notebooks, wristwatches, spectacles, keys, jars, cosmetics, Deodorants, shampoos etc. Freely sliding bins provide easy access to the contents inside. A helpful tool for keeping your essentials neatly organized inside the drawers of cupboards, office desk, crockery rack, dressing table or refrigerators Color: Transparent White; Weight: 470g ; Material: Polystyrene Size : W140X D280 X H125mm/W5.51 X D11.02 X H4.92 inch