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Model-8236, Airtight Spill Proof Imported Bottle, 1.1-liter capacity. A quality product from Asvel of Japan Elegance in Storage & Elegance While Serving. Water, Iced Tea, Lemon Tea, Rooh-afza., Tang etc. Perfect Size for Backpacks too.
Pasta Cooker, Noodle Cooker, Vegetable Steamer & Strainer - A multipurpose microwaveable plastic cooker & strainer from Asvel of Japan
Microwaveable plastic cooker & strainer for making Pasta, Noodles, Momos. Vegetable Steamer & Strainer. Quick Cook & Strain Container. Genuine Japenese Quality & Honest Price
Adya-simple original, premium boutique store. Niche Homeware & Kitchenware Retailer. Flaunt elegant and superior quality water bottle from Asvel of Japan. Carry your iced lemon tea or sweet lime drink or drinking water to the Gym. No spill, no mess and easy grip.
Vegetable Steamer Supplier Dealer and Distributor in Delhi -- we are one of the leading company who deals in Japanese Brand like Asvel and Like it products and covers major areas like Chandigarh Bangalore Mumbai Lucknow Gurgaon Ahmedabad Noida Chennai and Kolkata
One of the Best Japanese Products Dealer Supplier in Delhi Pasta Cooker Dealer Supplier in Delhi Vegetable Steamer Dealer Supplier in Delhi Ceiling Mounted Clothes Dryer Dealer Supplier in Delhi Delhi | Jaipur | Chandigarh | Bangalore | Mumbai | Lucknow | Gurgaon | Ahmedabad | Noida | Chennai and Kolkata
Your in-flight Snack carrier. Carry home cooked oats, poha or upma or steaming hot favorite Maggi or Knorr soup. Enjoy flying your budget airline more. A lovable red color from Adya-simply original, the Japanese product retailer in India.
These premium Multipurpose bottles are a great resource. Perfect size for your fridge, your backpack, laptop bag and your car. Japanese Quality honest prices.
Model 9016 by Like-it of Japan. Car Boot Organizer, Shower Room Organizer, Shoe Shining Kit Organizer, Sauces & Jams Organizer, Kitchen Oils & Ghee jars organizer, Refrigerator Organizer, Study Table Organizer, Tea-Coffee-Sugar Organizer..., You name the place and it will organize your stuff and your life. Shinohara san loves it, Hiroshi san loves it, Matsuda san loves it, Yamazaki san loves it, Abe-san love it, Watanabe san loves it, Ishikawa san loves it, Satoshi-san loves it, Kindo san loves it... how about you?