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Office Stationary Organizer, Office Table Organizer, Pen, Pencil, Stapler Holder, Office Table Accessory Holder. Office File Drawer. Loose Paper Tray. These amazing stationary products are stackable and space-saving modules. From Like-it of Japan
Flexible, Stackable Office Stationary Organizer. Ideal for architects' drawing table, painters' tools, and study table for kids... Our products optimize storage space and simplify living.
Manage your Storage shelf space, your Kitchen Space, your Dining Tablespace with elan. Use transparent, washable high-quality polystyrene storage bins, storage compartments to store your daily essentials. They stack easily over each other too
Pasta Cooker, Noodle Cooker, Vegetable Steamer & Strainer - A multipurpose microwaveable plastic cooker & strainer from Asvel of Japan
Microwaveable plastic cooker & strainer for making Pasta, Noodles, Momos. Vegetable Steamer & Strainer. Quick Cook & Strain Container. Genuine Japenese Quality & Honest Price
Stackable Stationary Organizer. Stackable, Office Supplies Organizer. Kids' study table organizer. Neat, elegant and practical space-saving the 'Adya-simply original' boutique store.
Amazing Collection of Stackable Bins. Multipurpose Open Face storage solutions made of Polystyrene by Like-it of Japan Buy this Japanese make Combo set for your dressing table at an honest price, only at Adya.
Flexible, Stackable Vanity case for easy access to your cosmetics & toiletries. Elegantly and neatly maintain your Vanity Van, Dressing Table at home or work. Ideal for Premium Beauty Salons too. We help Optimize Space & Simplify Living.
Simplify Living by Optimizing your space. Use storage organizers ( Bricks ) from Like-it of Japan to organize your kitchen shelf, dining table, modular kitchen drawers, fridge etc.