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Leak free lunch box. Microwave safe. Double-decker. Bento Box with Chopsticks. Genuine and honest quality from Japan. Imported Lunchbox. Housewarming Gift. Perfect Gift for the first Job. Buy Now. Great Employee Gift Option.
Premium Valentine Day Gift for Her, for Him. Excellent product. Elegant Insulated Meal Flask from Asvel of Japan. Bargain Deal. Order now and get Double Decker Lunch Box Model 3115 at 50% of the MRP.
Model 3115, Premium Lunch Box from Japan Double Decker Lunch Box, Microwaveable, Adjustable compartments, Compact Size with Insulation providing carry bag from Asvel of Japan. Hata san loves it, Igarisha san loves it, Yoshino san loves it, Kitamura san loves it, Kuboki san loves it, Shigeru san loves it, Yoshihisa San loves it, Takahashi san loves it, Watanabe san loves it.
Model 3115, by Asvel of Japan. Special price of INR 1499. Double Decker lunch box idea for Kids. Bento Box with chopsticks.
Perfect Lunch Box for a balanced diet. Quality product from Japan. Bento Box with Chopsticks. Imported Lunch box for gift.