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•A must Travel accessory, the perfect companion on budget airlines. .Perfect carry on when flying Budget Airlines. •On-the-go container with a foldable spoon •Body is lined with Stainless Steel to retain temperature for a long duration.
Pasta Cooker, Noodle Cooker, Vegetable Steamer & Strainer - A multipurpose microwaveable plastic cooker & strainer from Asvel of Japan
Microwaveable plastic cooker & strainer for making Pasta, Noodles, Momos. Vegetable Steamer & Strainer. Quick Cook & Strain Container. Genuine Japenese Quality & Honest Price
Microwaveable Food Grade Plastic Lunch Box. with three containers. Perfect & Elegant for Women Executives. Made by Asvel of Japan. MRP of INR 4349, Buy at a special price of INR 3500, only for Women.
Carry on board Soup Jar. Elegant Inflight snack carrier. The perfect companion for your low budget airlines where you have to buy food on board. Great product at great price.
• Elegant & compact design • A must Travel accessory • A perfect onboard companion when flying Budget Airlines. • On-the-go container with a foldable spoon
Your in-flight Snack carrier. Carry home cooked oats, poha or upma or steaming hot favorite Maggi or Knorr soup. Enjoy flying your budget airline more. A lovable red color from Adya-simply original, the Japanese product retailer in India.
No Katori, no mutthi measure. Avoid unhygienic physical contact by maids. Get exact amount of rice every time and monitor the monthly consumption easily. Great Japanese kitchen product at the 'Adya-Simply Original' store. Call us for a combo bargain deal.
Microwaveable Lunch Box from Japan. Ideal for a small meal or carry on board your Budget Airline. Call us for smart lunch box offers and options.