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Mint Blue Colour, Scandinavian Style, Small Laundry Basket by Like-it of Japan. Model SCB-1. An imported Superior Quality product at an Honest price. Beautiful Colour and compact size for Kids' Room. Perfect furnishing product for a Studio Apartment or Premium Serviced Apartment or an OYO room, AirBnB room or a Home Stay accommodation. Call us on +91 8030424929 to get an offer of Buy 2 Get 1 Free or buy online from the link:
The perfect Colourful Ice Spheres Like-it Iceball maker
Amazing Colour. On-the-go container with a foldable spoon Body is lined with Stainless Steel to retain temperature for a long duration. Additional small compartment for dressings/shredded toppings / garnishing.
Air tight container with double insulation on the cap to prevent moisture. Durable plastic casing for protection & Durability. Perfect Gift for House Warming. Glass body - no corrosion, odor free storage, no staining by the colour of ingredients. Honest, genuine quality from ASVEL of Japan. Ideal size for small family. Ideal size for studio apartment shelves. Ideal size for Modular Kitchen shelves.
Great Way to serve food in flight, A Perfect product for Flight Kitchens, SkyChef, TatSATS, Oberoi, Ambassador sky chef, Sky Gourmet etc. Mini Meal Service, Red Colour for Non-Veg, Ivory for Veg.