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Mint Blue Colour, Scandinavian Style, Small Laundry Basket by Like-it of Japan. Model SCB-1. An imported Superior Quality product at an Honest price. Beautiful Colour and compact size for Kids' Room. Perfect furnishing product for a Studio Apartment or Premium Serviced Apartment or an OYO room, AirBnB room or a Home Stay accommodation. Call us on +91 8030424929 to get an offer of Buy 2 Get 1 Free or buy online from the link:
Blue Tooth Speakers so elegant, and stable you will love to flaunt it. Ideal for music buffs, because of 4400mah battery. Feather touch control. Keep it in your Study or pooja room or powder room & connect to AUX or blue tooth device and enjoy the soothing sound output.
Amplify the audio output of your iPhone 6 and protect it too. Sound Jackets for iPhone 6. iPhone 6 protective cover of silicone. Smooth & gentle grip. Sound amplifier feature. Available in Blue & Black color. Product Code: SD-204047. Buy 2 and get 1 free.
Our products are designed to Optimize Space & Simplify Living. Car Tools Storage Basket for Boot. Picnic Basket. Housekeeping Basket. Japanese products Superior Quality
Model SCC-3 by Like-it of Japan, Car Boot Organizer, Kids Room Organizer, Play School Toys Organizer
Easy to make perfect 2.5-Inch spherical ice ball. High-quality silicone ice ball maker. Now, enjoy fine bourbon, single malts etc on the rocks. Perfect gift for a housewarming too. BUY NOW.
Enjoy your Single Malt or Bourbon or Scotch with our perfect ice ball......from Like-it of Japan. Easy to make a perfect 2.5-inch sphere of ice. The iceball can ALSO be used for Sherbets or ice cream candy. Buy now... our very different Ice maker.
Enjoy your Scotch, Bourbon, Single Malt or Roohafza sherbet with our superior Ice ball maker. Japanese product Honest Price. Senri San loves it, Fuji-san loves it, Amit ji loves it, Minamoto son loves it, Koizumi san loves it, Sylvain loves it, Christophe loves it, Celine love it, Faycal loves it, Hattori san loves it, Nakayama san loves it, Okubo san loves it, Muji san loves it, Prathmesh loves it...
Enjoy your bourbon, your scotch or your single malt on the BALL. Introducing a premium product from Like-it of Japan for your stag party or a ghazal session in solitude or for your script writing session while nursing a drink... Model STK-06, aavaialble at INR 749 only. Click on the link below to buy it today.