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Wardrobe storage Drawers. Modular Storage Drawers. Imported Modular Drawers for storage. High-Quality polypropylene drawers for modern homes. Organize & optimize your Godrej Steel almirah like never before. Use Unicom Combination of stackable drawers.
Forma Ceramics Salt & Pepper Grinder Mill This spice mills is to organize your cooking for convenience. They are a complete modular storage solution for the kitchen.
Air tight container with double insulation on the cap to prevent moisture. Durable plastic casing for protection & Durability. Perfect Gift for House Warming. Glass body - no corrosion, odor free storage, no staining by the colour of ingredients. Honest, genuine quality from ASVEL of Japan. Ideal size for small family. Ideal size for studio apartment shelves. Ideal size for Modular Kitchen shelves.
Simple, yet stylish storage bins for daily use items. Made in Japan by 'Like-it' our Arts & Crafts Organizer is a creative way to organize everything from paints and brushes to beads and glitter. Transparent dividers keep similar items together – they are easy to reposition to suit your changing needs. Its’ modular feature means the components can stack and slide for easy access to the contents; High-Quality polystyrene construction makes it easy to clean and remain rust and stain free… Buy them now or call us for more bargain deals.
Create your wardrobe in a jiffy. Best Solution in superior quality drawers from Japan. Simplify Living by Optimizing Space. Rust Free, Pest Free, Convenience for storage.
Simplify Living by Optimizing your space. Use storage organizers ( Bricks ) from Like-it of Japan to organize your kitchen shelf, dining table, modular kitchen drawers, fridge etc.
Modular kitchen drawer organizers. They Simplify Living by Optimizing your space. Imported Storage organizers (Bricks ) from Like-it of Japan. Rust Free, clear storage cases. Available in combos too.
Amazing Door Hooks. Made in Japan. No Hammer No Nails. Use them on the wardrobe door, bedroom doors, entrance doors, bathroom doors. Smart Accessories for Smart Homes. Our products Optimize Space & Simplify Living. Check Out other Doro Hook Models NDH-03 and NDH-04
Stackable Storage Drawers for your wardrobe. Amazing Closet Drawers to optimize the storage space inside your Almirah, Kids Room and Study