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Amazing Ceiling Mounted Electric Clothes Dryer. Space Saving Electric Clothes Dryer, Energy Efficient Electric Clothes Dryer Rack. Low Power Consuming Electric Clothes Dryer. Imported Clothes Drying Rack. Healthy Way of Clothes Drying.
Do you still dry your clothes like this ?? Be Smart, buy our special Electric Clothes Dryer - keep your balcony clutter free and dry your clothes decently. This Space Saving Clothes Dryer can hold up to 35 kgs of clothes easily. The UV lamp disinfects the clothes & the 17w LED lamp lights up your balcony at night. Another 'Optimize Space & Simplify Living' product from Adya.
This seems to be the best way to hang & dry the clothes. From the ceiling, So that you do not block the free movement on the balcony/terrace. Ceiling Mounted Electric Clothes dryer. Roof mounted electric clothes dryer.
Two UV lamps disinfect the moist clothes & safeguard the health of your family. The LED lamp in the middle of the Dryer replaces your existing light and lightens up the balcony with 17W power. It is a must for all modern apartments & high rises.
Electric Clothes Drying Rack with Wireless Remote Control in Delhi we are Electric Clothes Drying Rack with Wireless Remote Control Dealer and SUpplier in Delhi ncr like Noida Ghaziaabd and Gurgaon
Air tight container with double insulation on the cap to prevent moisture. Durable plastic casing for protection & Durability. Perfect Gift for House Warming. Glass body - no corrosion, odor free storage, no staining by the colour of ingredients. Honest, genuine quality from ASVEL of Japan. Ideal size for small family. Ideal size for studio apartment shelves. Ideal size for Modular Kitchen shelves.
Do you still dry your clothes this way
Or do you dry your clothes this way...
or this way is the best to dry your clothes, even though, half of the balcony space is blocked...