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Welcome to ADYA Simply original the boutique store for niche house hold products from Japan.
Amazing Shoe storage space saving product from Like-it of Japan
Office Stationary Organizer, Office Table Organizer, Pen, Pencil, Stapler Holder, Office Table Accessory Holder. Office File Drawer. Loose Paper Tray. These amazing stationary products are stackable and space-saving modules. From Like-it of Japan
Carry on board Soup Jar. Elegant Inflight snack carrier. The perfect companion for your low budget airlines where you have to buy food on board. Great product at great price.
Perfect Lunch Box for a balanced diet. Quality product from Japan. Bento Box with Chopsticks. Imported Lunch box for gift.
Food-grade silicone brush with high-temperature resistance. Great product for health conscious. Controlled use of oil/ghee. Lockable transparent oil storage bottle.Imported basting bottle with brush. Great Buy.
Premium Leather Boot Stand. This Made in Japan product keeps your Long shoes in shape and keeps them odor-free too. Buy for Premium Homeware Retailer...
Multipurpose Insulated Soup Jar, Mini Meal Jar from Asvel of Japan. Adya - simply original is Imported Homeware Retailer in India. Premium Kitchen & Daily use product retailer in Delhi.
Your in-flight Snack carrier. Carry home cooked oats, poha or upma or steaming hot favorite Maggi or Knorr soup. Enjoy flying your budget airline more. A lovable red color from Adya-simply original, the Japanese product retailer in India.