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Magnetic Storage Racks. New Concept, now available in India. Very useful & affordable. A great resource for keeping your frequently required products & accessories handy. Ideal for Smart offices & Modern Naaris' smart home too. Stick them on to your Steel Book Shelf, Steel Storage Almirah or Washing machine and keep relevant products on them.
Welcome to ADYA Simply original the boutique store for niche house hold products from Japan.
Office Stationary Organizer, Office Table Organizer, Pen, Pencil, Stapler Holder, Office Table Accessory Holder. Office File Drawer. Loose Paper Tray. These amazing stationary products are stackable and space-saving modules. From Like-it of Japan
Food Grade, Perfectly Safe, Rice Storage & Dispensing Box. Control the usage of premium basmati rice. Control Pilferage too. Call us for great deals on other home storage products from Japan.
Never before, magnetic storage racks, so handy, useful and affordable were available in India. A great resource for storing your daily needs. Ideal for Modern Naaris' smart home. Stick them on to your Refrigerator or Washing machine and keep relevant products on them.
Flexible, Stackable Office Stationary Organizer. Ideal for architects' drawing table, painters' tools, and study table for kids... Our products optimize storage space and simplify living.
Products which Optimize space & Simplify Living. Stackable Vanity Case. Combine it with an MX6 drawer of 'Like-it', and you have a compact Vanity rack. Keep your cosmetics and toiletries organized. Made of high-quality polypropylene, easy to clean/wash.
Smart Kitchen tools for Smart Bhartiya Naari. Amazing products which 'Optimize Space & Simplify Living' from ADYA
Ab Andaaz nahin, style chalega... Premium Imported Kitchen Utility Products by ADYA.