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Create your wardrobe in a jiffy. Best Solution in superior quality drawers from Japan. Simplify Living by Optimizing Space. Rust Free, Pest Free, Convenience for storage.
Premium Japanese Kitchen Product Supplier. Optimizing Space & Simplify Living - 'Adya-Simply Original' Store. We are loved by Hiroshi san, Kiyoshi San, Watanabe San, Igarashi san, Matsuda San, Hata san, Minamoto san, Minabe san...Its your turn now.
Premium Quality Movable Door Hooks. Unique Door Hooks. Unconventional Door Hooks. Optimize Space & Simplify Living - buy from 'Adya Simply Original' store
Do you still dry your clothes like this ?? Be Smart, buy our special Electric Clothes Dryer - keep your balcony clutter free and dry your clothes decently. This Space Saving Clothes Dryer can hold up to 35 kgs of clothes easily. The UV lamp disinfects the clothes & the 17w LED lamp lights up your balcony at night. Another 'Optimize Space & Simplify Living' product from Adya.
Unique Hanging Solution for your Scarves, Stoles, and Hats. No Nails, No Hammer, Simply hang on to your door. Elegant Door Hooks for Smart Homes. Buy from 'Adya-simply original' Store - we help Optimize Space & Simplify Living.
Flexible, Stackable Office Stationary Organizer. Ideal for architects' drawing table, painters' tools, and study table for kids... Our products optimize storage space and simplify living.
Flexible, Stackable Vanity case for easy access to your cosmetics & toiletries. Elegantly and neatly maintain your Vanity Van, Dressing Table at home or work. Ideal for Premium Beauty Salons too. We help Optimize Space & Simplify Living.
Products which Optimize space & Simplify Living. Stackable Vanity Case. Combine it with an MX6 drawer of 'Like-it', and you have a compact Vanity rack. Keep your cosmetics and toiletries organized. Made of high-quality polypropylene, easy to clean/wash.
Magnetic stickers with a difference. Magnetic Mini Storage shelf. The product is innovative and very useful for compact apartments. They simply create more usable space for you. Adya -simply original - the boutique store for Japnese goods in India. Imported Goods Wholesale & Retail. Adya - the store, simplifies living.