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Modular kitchen drawer organizers. They Simplify Living by Optimizing your space. Imported Storage organizers (Bricks ) from Like-it of Japan. Rust Free, clear storage cases. Available in combos too.
Utilize your Refrigerator, Steel Almirah or your Steel filing cabinet at the office. The product being offered by 'Adya- simply original' is a useful and intellignet accessory for smart homes & office.
Magnetic stickers with a difference. Magnetic Mini Storage shelf. The product is innovative and very useful for compact apartments. They simply create more usable space for you. Adya -simply original - the boutique store for Japnese goods in India. Imported Goods Wholesale & Retail. Adya - the store, simplifies living.
You want Office Stationary Organizer ? or you want Desk Organizer? The Best Stationary Products Retailer, Japanese Desk Top Organizers - Adya Simply Original
Never before, magnetic storage racks, so handy, useful and affordable were available in India. A great resource for storing your daily needs. Ideal for Modern Naaris' smart home. Stick them on to your Refrigerator or Washing machine and keep relevant products on them.