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Sesame Seed Grinder, Roasted Cumin Seeds ( Bhuna Jeera), Aniseed (Saunf) Grinder with Ceramic Blades by Asvel of Japan(Model 2119) BUY FOR DIWALI Corporate GIFTING & GET SPECIAL DISCOUNT. 15% off on MRP of 1069/- The food smells great and tastes awesome with freshly ground rock salt, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, aniseed, and others. Ideal for day to day use.A perfect accessory for your dining & kitchen table.Durable and honest quality from Japan. Please call us for a bulk deal on 9560749123.......
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Are you... Worried about DRYING your clothes during Damp & Cold Winters Moist & Rainy Monsoons? Worried about the SMELL of Dampness & BACTERIA (mold) when clothes remain moist for days together? Worried about a shortage of SPACE in the Balcony? Worried about HIGH electricity consumption by a Dryer? Here is the solution : A Smart Space Saving Home Appliance by Kosmocare - Ceiling Mounted Electric Clothes Drying Rack with Wireless remote control operations. 12W LED light replaces your balcony light. UV lamps (3wx2) disinfect the clothes during monsoon, cold & damp climate conditions, thus safeguarding the health of your family. Two built-in fans dry out the excess moisture in the clothes. The Machine can withstand load up to 35 kg, making it ideal for a large family's laundry. Expandable hanging rods (up to 2.3 m wide) make them ideal for drying sarees, bedsheets etc. The rack weighs just 15 kg and is easy to install on the roof/ceiling of the lobby or balcony. The product comes along with 15 Alloy hangers. DIWALI OFFER: 15% off on MRP
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If you ask a Carpenter to make a wooden drawer of size: 13.39 (w) X 18.31 (d) X 11.2 (h) inch. He will charge Labour: 1500 : Wood/ Ply : 800 ; Nails + Fevicol: 200 Paint or Mica sheet: 600; SS Channels: 400 Total Approx: INR 3500 It will be very HEAVY to move, It CANNOT be stacked, It CANNOT be washed, It CANNOT be fixed with detachable wheels. Be SMART, Buy SMART. Buy stackable, lightweight, washable, movable with wheels Drawers ( Tray type or regular type) from Like-it of Japan. Model CS-T5, Tray Type for INR 3199 only.
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Imported Infuser Bottle . For the discerning individuals, who only want the best and demand the best. Model 8251 from ‘Asvel’ of Japan Why consume high sugar # aerated drink. Instead, create your own healthy fresh fruit & herb infused drinks. Use Green Tea, Basil Leaves, Mint Leaves, Fruits, Lemon, Darjeeling Tea or Coffee. This premium quality water bottle is great for Indoor & Outdoor use. 1. Carry it to the office 2. Health club, # Pilates # Zumba classes, 3. In a Travel backpack on Trekking & Camping and 4. Perfect fit for your refrigerator. Perfect Diwali Gift of INR 1100.
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Model SCB-1, Scandinavian Style Small Laundry Basket (Mint Blue) by Like-it of Japan. BUY FOR DIWALI GIFTING AND GET SPECIAL OFFER. 15% OFF ON MRP 1499/- This round basket with medium capacity is light in weight and has a strong structure. Made of soft polyethylene, the basket can be put to multiple uses. Perfect for college students and working single individuals. This basket is available in Green Colour too. It is ideal for college students or anyone who needs a daily organizer clothes basket.